Christmas Night

Oh the sight of Christmas Night
When young hearts are filled with blissful delight.
Oh the tiny little feet
Sitting by the fireside heat.
Little eyes opened wide
Hearts beating with American pride.
Cakes and cookies baking fills the air.
Packages stacked with ribbons fair.
Another year has come and gone
Others now sit around God’s throne.
Here we are together still
Listening as our hearts are filled.
Let us take this time to say
Thank You Jesus for Christmas Day.
It is Your birthday that we now celebrate
Our souls are Yours and our spirits relate
Joy’s galore we spread everywhere
Hoping Your return is very near.
We give You all glory and our love we declare
We won’t forget you this Christmas fair.
It is Your birth we celebrate
It’s Your birthday so Santa Claus will have to wait.
Give us the boldness to tell others the truth about this day
So millions of souls won’t have to pay.
Keep our soldiers one and all.
Bring them home soon and standing tall.
Let the earth, the stars and the heavens declare His will
Jesus Christ reigns over America still!

Written by Sybil Shearin
Celebrating the Birthday of the Son!

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