27 Jan 2011

A Teacher’s Prayer

Lord I stand silently overlooking our youth of today But I must be cautious about every single word I say. I watch as children’s morals rot and decay But words from the Bible I’m not allowed to say. I am forced to teach about the theory of evolution But I can’t read from the Bible […]

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27 Jan 2011

The Unborn Children

My hands touched his tiny fingers ever so fair. My eyes beheld God’s creation with care. He was only five months in my pregnancy you see. An infection robbed my precious baby from me. I wanted so to kiss him goodbye But the nurses took him from me with a heartfelt sigh. They said they […]

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27 Jan 2011

A Fragrance So Rare!

It was the extravagant fragrance that first caught my sight. Then it was the shimmering starry night. Pale was your face, so like velvet next to my skin. I stood there wondering where you had been. A black satin dress encrusted with diamonds end to end Moulded to your body with endless sequins. Fragile you […]

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27 Jan 2011

Angel Slippers

It was a cold winters day and I was sitting by the fire. The logs were popping and cracking flames licking up through the air. Snow peppered down like tiny feathers swirling to the ground. The winds howled and moaned an eerie like sound. But I was drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows so tasty and […]

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27 Jan 2011

The Star Still Shines!

In a small town in the South there lived a family of three. They were poor and the father had left home you see. There were two little boys one was six and one twelve years old. The smaller child had no socks, nor coat and it was bitter cold. He was shaking as he […]

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27 Jan 2011

Would You Then Feel My Love?

If you could see past the clouds above And I would reveal unto you my mansion of love. If I opened up the heavens to show my kingdom above Would you then feel my love? If I could show you wonderful things Like the beauty sparkling from every gem and all the diamond rings If […]

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27 Jan 2011

Somebody’s Son

I happened to be mowing my grass one hot sunny day. I saw a little boy come walking up my way. His knees were skinned, his shirt faded and worn. His little denim shorts were dirty, frayed and torn. He stopped to watch as I walked in a steady pace. I could see him watching […]

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27 Jan 2011

In The Arms of an Angel

I wandered far away from home My body is bruised and my feet frozen by the snow. Where am I going; where could I roam? I am only five years old, and I have no place to go. Daddy said he loved me, but I don’t think he does. Mommy has to sleep alot because […]

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27 Jan 2011

Did You Know He Is My Hero?

Did you know He is my Hero? Did you know He died for me? Did you know He shed His precious blood that I might live free? Did you know I love Him so? Oceans may flow forever to the sea Mountains may reach the heavens But He has created it all just for me. […]

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27 Jan 2011

Let Me Tell You Why

Once there was a man blessed of God Upon this earth for thirty years His feet did trod. He was the epitemy of love sent from the Father to man. Upon His feet He wore an earthly sandal parched by the sand. His eyes were filled with love and virtue flowed. Many miracles and blessings […]

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