24 Jul 2016

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow- Charles Collins

The colorful leaves had fallen everywhere in the yard at Charles Collins house. As playful children of ten we loved sliding down the hills so slick in this mystical display from the trees. The first time I met Charles I thought the angels had dropped him from heaven for to me his was so handsome […]

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21 Jul 2016

A Friend To Us All- Terry McAnelly

A Friend To Us All–Terry McAnelly My heart is so very saddened because God chose to take my dear friend home. He wasn’t just another friend but a man with a sincere smile, joy and a sweet resounding song. I remember so well growing up with Terry, his back pocket neatly holding his comb. He […]

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08 May 2016


I’m not popular with too many people Because they don’t like the things I say You see Jesus is my Lord and lives within my heart When I talk HIS Word rolls off my tongue in some sort of way. I am not rich and I don’t seek fame in my life. This earth is […]

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