24 Jul 2016

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow- Charles Collins

The colorful leaves had fallen everywhere in the yard at Charles Collins house. As playful children of ten we loved sliding down the hills so slick in this mystical display from the trees. The first time I met Charles I thought the angels had dropped him from heaven for to me his was so handsome […]

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21 Jul 2016

A Friend To Us All- Terry McAnelly

A Friend To Us All–Terry McAnelly My heart is so very saddened because God chose to take my dear friend home. He wasn’t just another friend but a man with a sincere smile, joy and a sweet resounding song. I remember so well growing up with Terry, his back pocket neatly holding his comb. He […]

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08 May 2016


I’m not popular with too many people Because they don’t like the things I say You see Jesus is my Lord and lives within my heart When I talk HIS Word rolls off my tongue in some sort of way. I am not rich and I don’t seek fame in my life. This earth is […]

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09 Apr 2016

The Melody of Grace

There was a small gentle lady that came to live beside of me. Her gentle spirit and her sweet smile she shared so tenderly. She drove me to school every morning and home in the afternoon. I always looked forward to our talks and our funny songs so out of tune. Hearts are now broken for the loss of this lady’s life […]

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20 Mar 2016

Satan The Local Drug Dealer

There was once the most beautiful of all angels in heaven so rare. No other angel’s beauty could begin to compare. Then all the spirits of darkness came into him to stay. They are still living within him even to this day. God in His mighty wisdom cast Satan out and great was his fall. He took one […]

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09 Nov 2015

Author and Poet Sybil Shearin of North Carolina, USA

Words flood my mind and have since I was a child. My mother and my great grandfather both wrote beautiful Christian poetry so I expect that is where my gift came into being. Each poem has been written with someone special in mind. All poems can be read by anyone. It is a website for […]

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28 Jul 2015

The Pills!

THE PILLS My names are pills like Oxycotin, morphine, Xanax or Roxicodone to name just a few. I destroy homes and tear families apart, I take your children and that is just a start. I’m more costly than diamonds, more expensive than gold. The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need […]

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14 Jul 2015

Carole’s Song

I hope you all remember me and with a smile upon your face. I’ve always been told that no other person could take my place. Mark and Eric I love you with every fiber within me. As long as you live a part of me will still live on happily. It is a difficult being […]

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30 Jan 2015

An Angel Made of Flesh and Bone

I knew him as a tall man who loved his friends and family so. He was proud of them and wasn’t ashamed to let everybody know. His heart ached when he thought of one needy or soul lost. He was proud to be a Christian regardless of the cost. I am a poet and a […]

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27 Jan 2015

Never Again Will I lose You

Never Again Will I lose You! Among the thorns, vines and roses I found a precious rose divine It’s petals were as blue as the ocean’s waves hurriedly composes. But I let this precious rose linger with another’s glass of wine. The years have passed but the rose still lives within my heart God let […]

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