Carole’s Song

I hope you all remember me and with a smile upon your face.
I’ve always been told that no other person could take my place.
Mark and Eric I love you with every fiber within me.
As long as you live a part of me will still live on happily.
It is a difficult being a single mother
I know I’m made lots of mistakes I wish I had not made.
But my love for my family through hot coals of fire I would wade.
I’ve been very sick, this ole body is wearing out.
But when I leave this earth I’m going up with a shout.
Satan could not hold me, nor death my soul claim
You see I am a blood bought child baptized in Jesus name.
Think of me fondly but know I’m with my family I’ve missed so much.
Carried by wings of angels Oh my what a blissful touch.
There is Mama, Daddy, Papa, and Phyllis my sister all waiting for me.
Miss me but know I’m with Jesus and my family…..
But most of all I’m free.

Written for Carole using her thoughts and feelings
By Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 7-2015