Baggage For Free

From birth we inherit extra baggage to carry everyday.
Teenagers have tiny baggage they keep neatly tucked away.
Marriage brings more baggage we strap upon our shoulders.
We inherit our husbands and we add it to our many colored folders.

Cars and houses come with extra luggage it is true.
Oh now we have more rooms to put our baggage into.
Then we have doctors to help us deal with the stress.
Decisions about which shoes to buy or the colors of trousers or dress.

On and on we go collecting baggage to carry along.
Pretty soon it becomes so heavy it gives pain instead of a song.
Then comes Sunday when we must put on our best for church.
This day we soon label operation religious research.

Houses and land, carpet and cars,
Oh what baggage we daily pack into pretty boxes of ours.
When will we learn to give it all up and walk free in our spirit with a song?
All this extra baggage is getting pretty darn old and too darn long.

I’m taking all my troubles, my hurts and my pain.
I’m taking all my boxes and luggage I have gained.
“Here Lord! Take this pretty baggage from me.
I’m giving it to YOU now because Your word has finally set me free!”

No more baggage to carry along.
I’m giving back my pain and I’m taking back my song.
No more pretty packages to place upon my shelves.
I’m giving away my baggage so anyone who wants it, please for goodness sakes just help yourselves!

Written by Sybil Shearin
Walking in Freedom with the Son!

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