Angel Whispers

It is dark and raining no light in site.
The storms are raging and lightning strikes.
In the dark of the midnight Lord hear my cry!
Keep me safe till the storm passes by!
I can feel your presence and I know you care.
You have lifted me up from deep despair.
I can hear you whisper you’ll always be near.
Perfect love will always cast out every fear.
Send your angels to guard me, Lord I pray.
I need them beside me, now and everyday.
I cannot walk alone and you know I’m weak.
Precious Lord, in YOU only will I sleep.
Let me rest my head on angel’s wings.
Let me hear as their heavenly choir sings.
Lord, I have no other, please hear my plea.
Let angel’s whisper softly while watching me.

Sybil Shearin

Copyright ©2002 Sybil G Shearin

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