Angel Slippers

It was a cold winters day and I was sitting by the fire.
The logs were popping and cracking flames licking up through the air.
Snow peppered down like tiny feathers swirling to the ground.
The winds howled and moaned an eerie like sound.
But I was drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows so tasty and sweet.
I had soft warm pajamas and furry footies on my pampered feet.
The lights flickered on and off, as the winds continued to blow.
I could see from the window, we were going to have a lot of snow.
I turned the pages slowly reading a long awaited book.
It was then my eyes caught the image of someone trying to sneek a look.
Who could be out in weather such as this my mind began to think?
I must have been mistaken I reasoned taking another sip of my warm drink.
My eyes were playing tricks on me that was easy for me to assume.
So I settled back on the sofa as my eyes surveyed the room.
It was then I thought I heard a faint whimpering sound.
I stood and looked outside the window but nothing was to be found.
The limbs of the trees were scratching against the old cabin’s tin roof.
It must have been them I thought, making a very logical proof.
Then my attention was drawn to the cabins front door.
A faint tap tap and then I heard nothing more.
I waited quietly staring into the flames of the red and orange fire.
Then I heard another tap tap tap and a sound much like that of a crier.
I dropped the book onto the floor and rushed to see who could be outside.
As I opened the door a child look up, her blue eyes so big and wide.
Oh my Darling, you are frozen, please let me get you inside.
I picked up the frozen child and placed her near the fire.
She had no coat nor hat nor gloves, only a small child’s attire.
Her lips trembled as I wrapped her in blankets oh so soft.
I hurried to get something warm to drink hoping to quinch her raspy cough.
I watched as she took the cup and touched it to her lips.
Her hands were frozen and blue right down to her fingertips.
Where did you come from I finally asked for I could not help but know.
How anyone would allow a small child to wander out into the snow.
She looked into my eyes just the way an angel would.
“I just wanted to spend some time with you when my Daddy said I could.”
But where do you live there are no houses anywhere near here?
“I live in my room most of the time but Christmas is so near.
Daddy let me come out of my room why he drank his beer.”
My stomach ached inside as she told me about her life.
How could someone do such a thing to his child not to mention his battered wife.
Well you shall stay with me for a while so don’t you fret my dear.
I’ll take good care of you I said as I brushed away a tear.
We slept on the rug by the fireplace that night.
As I drifted off to sleep, I could feel her tiny arms holding me real tight.
Morning dawned, the winds had stopped and the sun broke through the clouds at last.
I reached to gather my new found friend but found only her slippers, made of rubies, diamonds, gold and brass.
And upon her pillow still damp from her long flowing hair
Was one angel’s feather just waiting for me there.

Written by : Sybil Shearin (c) 11-2002
Given by The Son

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