An Angel On A Mission

It was a bitter day and I was chilled to the core.
Staying inside wasn’t a really big chore.
It was not by accident I found you there.
For the hand of God pointed me where
I should go and and spend some time.
There was a man with a huge mountain to climb.
“Go and help my child” God said.
So without another word, I took out the Word and read.
“Behold I have given you power to tread on serpents,
and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy”God said.
So with Bible in hand I marched onward a soldier confident.
I met a man so kind and humble was he.
“What is wrong in this man’s life Lord, I cannot see?”
“Trust me, he needs you. Go my child and set him free”!
So with all the love I could carry in my heart,
I went to help my friend, my love to impart.
I didn’t know why he needed me so.
But I’ve promised God, I would freely go.
I’ve have extended my arms with kindness and love.
The love that only comes from above.
I knew when I saw his smiling face,
God wanted to show him His amazing grace.
I am only one little soul here on earth.
But I was blessed to see another soul rebirthed.
There are diamonds down here if we will only look
Precious are they in God’s Holy Book.
Charles, you have blessed me with blessings untold.
More precious are you than silver and gold.

Love Always,

Sybil Shearin (c) 7-2002

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