An Angel Made of Flesh and Bone

I knew him as a tall man who loved his friends and family so.
He was proud of them and wasn’t ashamed to let everybody know.
His heart ached when he thought of one needy or soul lost.
He was proud to be a Christian regardless of the cost.
I am a poet and a writer who pens words of art.
I am not the gentle soul David was but proud to have been a small part
The part who loves his fellow man as a sister and a brother.
Let David’s memory live in our hearts and mind’s like no other.

He was the perfect example he left for all of us to follow.
He was the giver and now he flies with the angels far past earthly swallows.
He was truly my best friend and I will miss him so.
I’m sure his works will continue like a velvet rose to grow.

The Lord built a special mansion and He built David a special balcony.
He allows him to look over that heavenly balcony and see
We are trying to fill his great big shoes and winning lost souls still.
Let him see we are still worshiping Jesus and trying to do His will.

When I close my eyes at the end of the day.
Let me see his big smile when I kneel down to pray.
Keep him and all the others in perfect love until
The Word of God has been completed and all prophecy fulfilled.

Written by Sybil Shearin
Dedicated to David E. Griffin, an Angel made of flesh and bone

Copyrighted 1-29-2015- All Rights Reserved-Still waiting for the Son!

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