America’s Prayer

I am an American and I am a Christian still standing for God.
It is not my desire to see His matchless name trampled in the sod.
This nation is the greatest nation of the face of the earth.
God blessed it from the day He gave it birth.

Nations have fought us with their arrows and weapons of war.
We have with God triumphed score after score.
This is why our nation is strong, feared, mighty and great.
Now from heaven God sits, watches and patiently waits.

Will the nation He has graciously blessed forget His name?
Has America forgotten the very reason Jesus came?
Will America give in and let God’s name too be set aflame?
I plead with Christians to bow before God and bless His Holy name.

God has honored this nation with His power and with His might.
He has scattered our enemies from left to right.
He has watched from the heavens as soldier after soldier’s soul proudly went
He has inscribed their names in His Book of Life sealed in gold in Heaven’s
Whispering Dome.

As our nation once more is called into war our freedom to defend.
God please once again keep our soldiers safe until the bitter end.
Protect our purple mountains still majestically standing free.
Watch over our amber waves of grain sown so preciously.

Remember our Godly patriot dreams undimmed by human tears
Remember this nation has stood for You, who still sees beyond the years.
God remember our heroes who loved our nation more than their life.
God shed your grace upon this nation, every child, man and wife.

Who’s side are we on and which God do we now serve?
Evil men still destroy precious lives You give not willing to preserve.
Count us God and see how many Christians still worship thee.
Lead, guide and protect our nation from sea to shining sea!

Let our flag still wave for freedom and its colors never fade.
Confound our enemies and turn back every rocket and grenade.
God bless America till souls wax fair as earth and air.
Grant it Lord, for this is America’s prayer.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 1-2003
Kept By The Son

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