America!! America!!

We had just arrived on the border of Iraq’s desert land.
Dust and blowing winds surrounded our long military band.
I wondered how anyone could survive in such a place
But scattered along were the poor waving hands with smiles on their face.

We stopped to rest in this barren place.
We had not slept in three days and the sandy dust coated us from foot to face.
It was everywhere, we could not escape this deserts windy dust.
It covered us and our tanks with the color of orange rust.

We finally we able to take cat naps in shifts.
Our hopes were to escape the dusty rifts.
I closed my eyes and covered my head.
I dreamed for a moment I was at home in my bed.

When I awoke we were rumbling along.
Some of the marines were singing a song.
At last we reached a border town.
We were greeted by young people jumping up and down.

I reached in my ration kit and took out a chocolate bar.
I walked over and handed it to a young boy standing beside the remains of an
Iraqi car.
His eyes fixed upon me and he reached out his thin hand.
I was but a stranger in his homeland.

He opened the wrapping and took a small bite.
His eyes lit up like a star in the night.
He pointed to the heavens his finger aimed to the sky.
AMERICA! AMERICA! This was his reply.

I am a soldier in the United States Marine Corps.
I am here to fight in this war.
I now have the heart to win this war in this ungodly place
Because I saw it today in a little Iraqi boy’s face.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 3-22-2003
On A Mission For The Lord

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