Always and Forever

In the still of the night as darkness surrounds me
I picture you holding me, your arms so strong.
How can I ever tell you the years I’ve loved you?
It seems like an eternity I have for you longed.

Sleep with me on my pillow and let me feel you.
Let me kiss your sweet lips and tell you I’ll always be here.
Let me breathe upon your ear, whispering love so sincere.
Though time has taken you away now beside me you are near.

Taste as see that I am still the same.
Whisper my name in your sleep and then say I love you over again.
Watch over me as I drift into sleep, your arms locked around me.
Kiss me every now and then.

I loved you when you were shy and bashful too.
Oh how I longed for you like rushing water from the streams.
Our paths crossed then you were gone from me forever it seems
Alas, I now have you still captured in my dreams.

Always and forever you are mine.
Always and forever you are like the creeping vine.
Always and forever I will love you.
Always and forever until the end of time.

Written by Sybil Shearin
© 2-2003

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