All Hallow’s Eve Night!

Rat a tat tat and screech went the door
As I heard footprints walk across the wooden floor.
Darkness thick surrounded me
So veiled in black I couldn’t see
Eerie scratches upon the window pane
Made me slide quickly across
The rose print quilt Grandma stitched
For me and my sister Jane.
Creepy black spiders dangled
From the cobwebs in the hall
And wisp brooms stood tied with burlap string
Some made big and some made small.
Tis another Halloween and all the demons are out.
The bats fly high then dive real low
Black cats screech and ghost float about.
Be careful and lock the doors real tight
Don’t let the devils glowing eyes be seen
This All Hallow Eve’s night.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 10-25-2004
Fear Not! Saith The Son!

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