A Wheel In The Middle of A Wheel

I was walking through the desert one day
When I met a devil not made of clay,
He snarled at me with eyes so fierce
I thought my soul he’d surely pierce,
He was within a man chained but crying out to me.
Oh the sound of his evil planned destiny.
Then I met a man who broke those chains,
With a single word I knew Jesus Christ still reigns.
I saw the demon spirit leave that man,
I saw Jesus Christ with His outstretched hand.
He was surrounded by angels glowing bright,
Oh my friend what an awesome sight.
His eyes leaped like flames of fire,
His voice rolled like thunder rebuking the Liar.
He was the Wheel in the middle of a wheel,
He was the deliverer Satan could not kill.
Fear tucked its tail and ran for cover
An angel band in splendor across the heavens did hover.
Such majesty and power reigns in none other.
He is Lord above all infirmities, and demon spirits you see.
I know for He delivered a sinner like me!

Written by Sybil Shearin
Used with permission only
Copyrighted 1-2007

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