A Teacher’s Prayer

Lord I stand silently overlooking our youth of today
But I must be cautious about every single word I say.
I watch as children’s morals rot and decay
But words from the Bible I’m not allowed to say.

I am forced to teach about the theory of evolution
But I can’t read from the Bible about God’s way of creation.
I can read the children about Columbus and how he sailed
But I can’t mention about Paul and Silas freed by angels from jail.

I can read them stories about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
But I can’t read them the Ten Commandments and tell them about fornication and sin.
I watch as they wear clothes to show all their private body parts
But they can’t be told to abstain from sex before a pregnancy starts.

They can paint their nails red, yellow or blue
But Lord I’m not allowed to teach them all about YOU.
They can wear their hair in colors of purple, orange or green
But I can’t tell them about Jesus, the Man of many dreams.

They are allowed to pierce God’s temple in ears, nose and tongue.
They are not allowed to be taught about Jesus, God’s only Son.
Young souls sit before me with minds ready to be filled.
I am not allowed to tell them it is against God’s laws to steal.

I watch as our youth’s morals rot and decay.
All the while their freedoms are silently being stripped away.
They can read about witchcraft and popular books like Harry Potter
But they can’t be told how Jesus healed Jairus’s daughter.

I can teach them about astrology, tarot cards and ouiji boards too
But I can’t tell them about Jesus the King of the Jews.
I see young girls pregnant at the age of twelve.
This area once taught against has been forbidden and just tossed upon the shelve.

I stand before a generation continuing to decay
But I can’t tell them about Jesus and the awesome price for their sins He once paid.
I hand them condoms and birth control pills
But I can’t tell them abortion is referred to in the Bible as “Thou shalt not kill!”

Lord I have to pray in silence in class or in study hall
For I might offend a student who has no belief in God at all.
Lord Your people want prayer back in our schools today.
Without prayer this generation will in hell lift up their eyes in dismay.

God give me the freedom to teach Your Holy Word once again
And allow me to teach them how the world really did begin.
God, Faith, and Country in my heart was taught one day
But God in our schools has now been deceptively taken away.

Lord I am a teacher, a child’s friend and guide.
My lips have been sealed about YOU and how YOU for them once died.
I’m asking Lord for revival in America our native home land.
So teachers can teach Godly wisdom to every child, woman and man.

Lord I pray our leaders and Supreme Court Justices will soon see
We are in desperate need of Jesus the man from Galilee.
Our freedoms are slowly and deceptively being taken away.
God help American and please, start helping us today!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 3-2003
Standing Tall For the Son.

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