A Soldiers Prayer

Lord, I don’t know what I’m doing over in Iraq and now in this wicked war.
When I close my eyes I still see America and me sitting on some peaceful
My heart is racing inside of me for I don’t know what lies ahead.
Lord I know You are watching as our leaders plan this mission in markers of

I see my wedding band on my left hand.
Lord keep me safe so I can go home walking and not carried on a makeshift bed.
I have little children that are waiting for me and You know I miss them so.
I am an American and my duty to my country is a MUST; I know You know!

I got Your Word in my pocket close to my chest.
Lord my hands are shaking but I’ll do my best
To show America that I’m a soldier and I still salute the red, white and blue.
It goes without saying Lord, You know my soul rests safely with You.

This desert sand is blowing and we can’t see our enemy.
Promise me Lord You will from heaven declare this war a victory.
Help me to be brave even under enemy fire
But even in this nation let the people see peace and love are America’s
heart’s desire.

Keep my rifle clean from the sand that sweeps through this place.
Let my eyes be sharp like that on the American eagle’s face.
Let my footsteps carry me all the way back home
For Lord, I can’t go through this war all alone.

Make my hands steady and this rifle, well give me the courage to fire it.
Don’t let me hesitate one second because my buddy could take a hit.
Walk before us and clear the air so we can clearly see.
Surround us with Your angels and let the enemy their flaming swords see.

Well Lord! I guess it is time for me now to go.
The troops are moving on the ground and fighter-planes are sweeping low.
I’ve got my Bible, my rifle, my helmet and my pocket comb.
When this war in Iraq is over let our feet once more America’s purple
mountains roam.

A Soldiers Prayer
Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 3-19-2003
All Rights Reserved
Lifted Up To The Son!

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