A Letter From A Mother!

I remember when the angel came and spoke softly to me.
It was strange that God had chosen me Your mother to be.
I remember the terror that Joseph might not believe my story
Then I was happy to know the angel had spoken to him in power and great glory.
I remember the night we had to leave suddenly, before I heard Your cry.
The king had issued a decree that all baby boys must die.
I remember feeling You inside me and the gentle little kicks
It was hard to grasp the concept the prophets did predict.
Oh but I was moved with great love when I saw Your little face.
I really didn’t know You had been chosen to save the human race.
You were so kind and caring even as a child.
Oh how I missed You and Your gentle loving smile.
I remember when You were a man and talked about Your Father.
Your speeches given to thousands and toYou it not bother.
You touched the lame man and he was able to walk.
One touch from Your fingers and the dumb began to talk.
I heard all the stories about how You raised a child from death.
I can still feel Your kisses and Your gentle warm child’s breath.
People were amazed when you called Lazarus out of the tomb.
What a wonder that I was chosen to carry You in my womb.
But then I remember how they beat You and spit upon Your face.
What they did to You hurt me and I wished I could take Your place.
I remember kneeling kissing on Your beloved feet.
My lips touched Your matchless blood as I watched Your body excrete.
When death took You my sobs were heard throughout all the land
My Son, my baby, my child was God’s final redemptive plan.
I love You and I long for You but I want to world to know.
You paid their sin debt when Your blood from Calvary freely did flow.
Thank You for being my Son and for allowing me a small part.
In helping the sinner to get a brand new Godly start.
The world will not remember the love of this simple mother
But they will remember Jesus the Savior for there is no other.
Your grace and love is still amazing to me.
I pray God will open blinded eyes so all the world can see.
You are the Redeemer, the Salvation, the Truth and the Way.
You have paid for the sins of the world, tomorrow, yesterday and today.
Thank You for allowing me the honor of being Your mother.
You are the world’s greatest Love, beside You there is no other.

Love, Mary!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
One Mother to Another!

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