A Child’s Prayer

I met a little girl today
Her eyes were the deepest of blue.
She stopped and she looked at me
And then proceeded to say.

“Are you a grandmother sweet
And do you have children to love?”
I stopped and looked into her dirty face
And the torn shoes that shod her feet.

Yes, I am a grandmother too
and I have five children that I love.
I love all of them so very much
but I have enough love in my heart for you.

She smiled and took my hand
with the most precious kind of trust.
How could this little child be lacking
When love is so abundant in our land?

Her hands held mine tight
Her dress torn and in need of repair.
Where was her family and
Where would this child sleep tonight?

“Last night I slept in a ditch
I covered myself with leaves.
Daddy was drinking and I was afraid
of the darkness that was as black as pitch.”

I don’t know if I’ll live
and be pretty like your children will.
Because my Daddy beats me and Mommy
Daddy doesn’t have any love left to give.

I couldn’t look into this child’s little eyes
for it hurt me beyond any words.
To see a child so hungry for love,
knowing her heart in the midnight cries.

Children are given as blessings from God.
They are innocent and precious little souls.
It is really a shame parents don’t take the time
To love instead of trampling them in the sod.

“Will you say a prayer and let’s wait and see,
If Jesus is really real or not.
Please ask Him to take me to heaven with him,
Because my parents aren’t good to me.”

A tear trickled down her dirty little face
and I knelt with her and we prayed.
We asked and we are believing for this special prayer request.
Jesus often uses children to teach adults about His Amazing Grace!

Sybil Shearin (C) 2002

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